Inglorious Gankers

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Inglorious Gankers

Post  Cellerdoor on Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:28 pm

Hi Gevlon and others,

First things first: I love your new project of ganking hordes to the ground!!!

Now I was wondering if you made a forum for this new project yet? Why I ask?

I have some questions and I think to succeed we will need tactics and goals to really get the effect you want to achieve.
Maybe you already have topics ready about this but if not I shoot some idea's here. And yes I'm a pvp'er since lvl60. I dinged and never left BG's till I had what I wanted, Field Marshal Paniek! Very Happy .

So how can we really annoy the horde?-

    1:We need to form teams that are balanced out. Healer, MS effect, CC and pure sick DPS. 8 total per group would be the perfect. A paladin with crusader aura is a must, speed = kills.

    2:We need to get control of their AH's. That means their NPC's are dead. Best is to start with that before the general raiding times. 18.00 till 20.30. This will be hard but it is fucking annoying.

    3:Allot of people still use flight paths. Killing those is worth the effort. There are allot of them so we gotta check which are used the most.

    4:Summoning stones: Around raid times the summoning stone turns into a deadstone. If they can't summon the MS will start slacking allot because they can't be arsed to fly. This will result in flame wars on each other.
    4a:Secondly if they want to fly the Flightpath masters are dead.
    4b:Thirdly summon stones are close to the entrance of a instance so those who fly by mount will have a warm welcome

    5:Daily quest hubs: Not so popular anymore but you will find M&S there, this include WG.

    6:WG itself should be easy when we have the people, 40. Its only ones every 2,5 hour? After that you're set with a 8man party to keep the quest people dead.

    7:World PvP. I guess a spy on the horde side is welcome here. /Who <name of zone>. 3 people is all you need for that.

What do we need to achieve this?
    1:A decent amount of dedicated members.
    2:Decent gear, furious/relentless.
    3:A ventrilo server to quickly communicate.
    4:Check WoWhead for the re-spawn time of AH npc's and Flightmasters
    5:Datamine to most grinded item on the server plus its location?
    6:Arena teams: Arena points + some honor is the cheapest and fastest way to go good gear.

I know you love being fair and all but you just named yourself inglorious gankers. Will you let lvl 80's transfer to the server after for example your reached a certain number of members?

This is it for now Smile

Kind regards Paniek, NE Hunter on Tarren Mill.

ps: Gevlon have you thought of a recruitment post on

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Re: Inglorious Gankers

Post  Cellerdoor on Thu Mar 04, 2010 6:06 pm

Finally the post is working as intended. You are aware that all the fancy buttons to make your text bold etc are not working?


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