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Raider Promotions

Post  gnomeofzurich on Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:52 pm

My blue raider Meneldil is going to hit 80 sometime in the next week, and we have enough 80s for a 5 team if everybody tests and a bunch of us are on at the same time, so it's time to see what we have.

If you are 80, please see me. You do not need a complete gear set or a perfect rotation to do a test. You only need enough gear to pull your weight in a 3.0 heroic, which means tanks must be uncrittable (or very close) and 20k+ health, dps and heals really shouldn't need anything but intelligent quest gear. I'm not looking at your current dps/threat/whatever as a test, merely making sure you have an good idea of how to play and have the potential with a full blue gear set to do what we need.

I'll put up a raider rank soon so you can see who has tested at least one spec.

If you are 80, you should talk to me (mail in game or private message here if you do not see me on) to set something up. Nobody gets kicked for failing the test unless they won't listen to suggestions or seem completely hopeless. The worst thing that happens is you don't get raider rank and have to try again.

If you have a placeholder for a future transfer, now is the time to let me know who you have and when they might be ready. I'd like to run a guild 5 either this weekend or next, and if possible, 10s within another few weeks (I see a few of active players in the 60s/70s right now).

We will start with the same stuff gevlon did with the EU crew, icc5 normal and heroic, naxx or sarth(+1/2) 10, probably go straight to ToC10 after that if things go well. We'll only go to ICC10 when we have 10 people that are getting close to BiS blue and comfortable with their spec.

I encourage people to group up for LFD to farm blue heroic drops, in order to ensure at least 2-3 people in the group are ok.

I'll start looking for people to run with when I hit 80, and as prot/holy queues will be short.

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