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Morons & Slackers

Post  Mundy on Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:58 am

Post your screenshots of M&S basically.

I'll get the ball rolling

Not so much a moron or slacker I guess, just a bit strange? I have a trade macro that asks for people to COD me their herbs. I used it today and got the following response:

I guess he got quite offended when I didn't agree to travel to Stormwind since COD was "too much" for them to do.

This was in Sethekk Halls after we wiped because the healer and the mage wouldn't run away from the ghosts that spawn even after being told by the tank. Check out the Mage's excuse for not running back.


Looks like somebody doesn't quite know how the glyph business (or auctioneer) works


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