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Us - Guild Ranks

Post  Newtron on Fri Dec 18, 2009 7:45 pm

GofZ already has a start on the ranks, just thought I'd throw out some ideas to get a more complete set.
What we have now: StarterChar, Bags, Member, Officer, GM Council, GM

My proposal:
Starterchar - new invitees should start here
*Lolled* - new rank, players get promoted, or demoted to this rank if they're trouble
Bags - player that has gotten their startup bags and gold, won't require much to get to this rank, if you can last long enough as a Starterchar to not get kicked/flagged as a social or M/S then you'll probably get your starter gold and bags.
Member - player that has gotten past the 'my rotation doesn't suck' test, should probably be reserved for level 80's. Other actions might happen at this level, such as players getting enchants, more gold, etc. But I think the big requirement would be proving you know how to play at level 80 with blues.
Officer, GM Council, GM - ranks that can promote/demote, gkick, etc.

There might be room or need for a rank between Bags and Member, but I don't see a point. We aren't a social guild, the ranks have a function to organize the players into bins so we can keep them sorted.


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Re: Us - Guild Ranks

Post  gnomeofzurich on Fri Dec 18, 2009 9:55 pm

Bags is just for me to keep track of who has bags. Basically if you have a higher rank than "Starter Char" you should have your bags. If any officers promote somebody beyond starter Char without talking to me about bags, please put an officer note in for that player and send me an email ingame so I will know to give them bags. I'll probably rename this rank once we are more stable unless people like it for some reason.

I'd like to have member for people who have passed the rotation test, and raider for people who have demonstrated their proficiency in a context more difficult than a test dummy or the dungeon equivalent (heroic uk et al.). We only go to uldaur in blues with people who manage to not fail at KT in blues for instance.

Current members/veterans will either be field promoted to officers or demoted to bags within the next few days depending on whether they have done any active leading (answering legit questions in gchat while an officer is online, posting intelligently here). Nobody will be a member until they hit 80, and nobody will be a raider until they prove themselves in an actual raid.

All members (including officers) are potentially eligible for demotion at *all* times. As an officer, you will lead by example, which means you must perform to the minimum standard expected of raiders, or you must judge *yourself* and pull yourself out when you do not.

In any case there will be a bit more jiggling with the ranks, but I hope to finalize it in a few days.

I have discovered in the last few days that Blizzard's Guild Control is a highly annoying unwieldy interface, I am amazed there is not more whining about it.

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