Incheon South Korea New Supertalls Vision

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Incheon South Korea New Supertalls Vision

Post  Mr007 on Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:20 pm

Incheon South Korea New Supertalls Vision

Plans are afoot to build what could be the tallest skyscraper in North East Asia, a massive twin 151 floor residential building in the economic development zone of Incheon, South Korea. Developer, American based Portman Holdings, have signed an initial document of understanding with the local Incheon government to develop the scheme as the centrepiece of an $11 billion US project.

Portman bring to the project widespread experience of both design and the ability to realise large-scale projects including half the Atlanta skyline and most significantly the Peachtree Centre that is only half the height of the Incheon Tower but still the tallest building in Atlanta.

Despite the statement however, Korea has a bad record of realising super-tall skyscrapers leading cynics to question the ability of this project to get off the grand and expectations it'll be scaled down.

The plan features two triangular shaped towers share a single podium base and are inter-connected at three points up them with sky-bridges.

The early renderings do show the building surrounded by farm land rather than taking into account the fact that it will stand in the middle of a brand new urban development, New Songdo City, optimistically billed by its owners as "the gateway to North East Asia". The lack of context does however emphasise the height.

If built, it's expected to be the second skyscraper to top the 2000 foot barrier coming in at 609 metres in height but that's still around 100 metres less than the under construction Burj Dubai.

The site is one of the most important within New Songdo City occupying a prime waterfront space.

Other developments in this area will include the Asia Trade Tower, a 295 metre tall mixed use tower designed by KPF with a popular twisting design, something that architects seem to have fallen in love with since the success of the Turning Torso in Malmo. It will contain 100,000 square meters of space including 70,000 sq m of offices, 32,000 sq m of residential apartments, and a 12,000 sq m hotel.

If things go to plan the construction of both towers is due to be completed in 2010, the Asia Trade Tower is scheduled to kick off first next month.

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