Two New Supertalls For Shenzen China

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Two New Supertalls For Shenzen China

Post  Mr007 on Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:19 pm

Two New Supertalls For Shenzen China

Plans have come out for two new super-tall mixed use skyscrapers in the Chinese city of Shenzen at the FengLong Centre.

The plot in the popular district of Futian will see a two horned tower, 399 metres to the tip of the spires. The top part of the building recedes from the square floor plates of the lower floors with a cleverly tapering crown that shrinks along a single diagonal line to the tip. The bottom of the tower is flanked to one side by an attached podium.

The second project, even taller at 400 plus metres, is a tower with the more traditional articulated set backs and conservative east coast American post modernism, the boxy form deliberately contrasting with the glitzier style Shenzen is more famous for looking more like something that belongs in New York. Height is emphasised by the strong vertical lines running up the cladding and depth given by the layered quality of the facade. Again, it is topped by spires, this time four in number setting out the square pattern of the project.

Both these proposed towers more than beat the current tallest in Shenzen - Shun Hing Square tops out at "only" 384 metres.

The city has experienced enormous growth rates since it became the first economically liberal zone, 30 years ago it was a tiny fishing village and now thanks to the economic overspill from nearby Hong Kong it has a bustling population of 4.5 million and is the richest city in China with average income at almost first world levels, something reflected in the ever improving design quality of the skyscrapers going up in the city.

China, and Shenzen, both have a good record of building super-talls helped by construction costs that are low thanks to a good purchasing parity for the rembini and the large population includes a peasantry of hundreds of millions willing to work for pennies.

The boomtown of Shenzen, stuck on such a small strip of land, is as good a place as any to see more of this, just look at neighbouring Hong Kong to see what this dynamc can end up like.

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