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Enter The Dragon

Post  Mr007 on Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:51 am

Enter The Dragon

Work is almost complete on another of the many buildings in Beijing's Olympic zone that in preparation for the games has seen various unique and sometimes outlandish buildings pop into existence to wow the world with China's architectural prowess.

Named the Pangu Plaza, a name taken from a figure in Chinese mythology who allegedly separated heaven and earth, not to be confused with a plasticine penguin of a similar name, the tower is the work of Taiwanese architect Li Zuyuan, the man behind the world famous Taipei 101.

With the main tower out of a four standing at a rather respectable 192 metres the towers are constructed from steel and will be clad in white granite taken from China's Shandong Province.

The form of the complex is representative of a dragon, the three shorter towers making the body and tail whilst the tallest is the head of the beast.

From a distance the three shorter towers can be explained basically as boxy but for those who will get up close and personal to them the complicated facade details should add a bit of depth.

The main tower is also rectilinear in appearance until its peak where it curves in and out and backwards suggesting the shape of a dragon's head this shape is repeated over the complex as detailing tying the towers neatly together.

As a little something else to liven up the facades seven massive LED screens will be mounted on the buildings the largest being 900 metres square making it the biggest screen in China. These will provide live broadcasts of the Olympics to those who cant get in to see the real things. Sadly flamethrowers and smoke machines are not included.

The towers will house office space, apartments, hotel, a club to boogie the night away in and of course the most important part of any development, shopping opportunities. The towers will complete in time for the Olympics due to start in August.

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