OMA Gets Cultural In Kowloon

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OMA Gets Cultural In Kowloon

Post  Mr007 on Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:11 pm

OMA Gets Cultural In Kowloon

One of the three competing plans for a new cultural district in Hong Kong is this masterplan by Rem Koolhaas's practise, OMA.

The scheme named by the firm as Project for A New Dimension is a resolutely futuristic but conceptual vision for in West Kowloon's planned arts quarter.

What it does is split the plot into three separate areas that can be summed up basically as having a retail area in the middle with shops and a market, and an art hub in the east that will have four interrelated performance spaces on its western part including a grand theatre and concert hall. This will result in creating three distinct creative villages in a single area.

The landmark structure of this is called M+, which will be a new film museum designed around experimental grounds that's designed to frame the urban bustle of Kowloon, whilst the retail area will feature a Xiqu Theatre and attached school.

Xiqu is a form of Cantonese performance that is considered part of the staple diet for budding actors in the Hong Kong film industry much in the same way that RADA is seen as essential by those English thespians.
The entire project is situated in what will be the Park of the New Horizon by combining the West

Kowloon Cultural District with the existing green space of Kowloon Park making it the largest single public space in the territory of Hong Kong.
The other competing architects for the project are Rocco Design Architects and Foster + Partners.

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