BIG Cube Plans In Taipei

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BIG Cube Plans In Taipei

Post  Mr007 on Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:11 pm

BIG Cube Plans In Taipei

One of the most notable designs of the year is undoubtedly the Tawain Entertainment and Design Centre (or TED), an amazing 57 metre tall building designed by Danish architects BIG for an as-yet unspecified site in Taipei.

The project is effectively a 57 metre wide and tall cube that's intersected by a number of zoomorphic voids curving inside the building asymmetrically. These provide a link through the building for pedestrians as well as a spiraling route upwards past balconies the provides access to a roof terrace which is arranged in the form of a concave space that looks more like an upturned bass woofer from a distance.

In having designed the tunnel through the building the way they have, the architect has managed to create something that also acts as an air intake on its lower levels circulating it throughout the structure before expelling it through the roof.

The central purpose however of this continual open space that moves through the building helps serve as a street linking what is in effect an entire city block wrapped up into a single monolithic entity.

Throughout the building, the cladding has the glazing arranged behind horizontal strips. These are integrated into the design in such a way that they flow off the walls, around the curves, and even fit in seamlessly with the stairs and terraces in the building and the ceiling above making it a truly three-dimensional skin.

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