Savilles Aim Big In Perth

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Savilles Aim Big In Perth

Post  Mr007 on Tue Dec 07, 2010 7:32 pm

Savilles Aim Big In Perth

Property developer Saville Australia will be seeking approval from Perth Council next month for a 60,000 square metre office building called Sky Plaza.

It will stand alongside the developer's Capital Square project in Perth's Central Business District. Originally Saville had planned to develop 1,000 apartments across three towers on the 18,000 square metre site, which is located in the west end of the city centre.

The switch to the commercial market comes as rents across the city soar with the lack of supply forcing companies to pay up to $800 a square metre for office space and according to property pundits the only way the prices will go is up.

Saville's change of mind however could be a tad to late as the development which is a joint project with Babcock & Brown, will come after another six office towers currently under construction across the city.

Designed by architectural firm Crone Robinson, the new tower will be elliptical in shape and will be over 200 metres in height and could rival Central Park for the title of Perth's tallest building.

Rising from a high and airy podium the tower features glass facades that extend up to form a lipstick style peak, in contrast to what will be its neighbouring block like tower it has a positively classy look that will be an asset to Perth's rapidly growing skyline. The tower is expected to have floor plates 1,700 - 1,800 square metres in size which will allow for spacious offices that will have amazing views of the surrounding area.

Should Saville's tower go ahead, it could be under construction in as little as six months but skyscraper fans will have to hold their breath and judgement on the project as its likely it wont be completed for another three to five years, or as late as 2013.



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