Space Age Comes To Sydney

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Space Age Comes To Sydney

Post  Mr007 on Tue Dec 07, 2010 7:32 pm

Space Age Comes To Sydney

Sydney, Australia will soon be catching up with the rest of the world with the approval of its first ever double skinned skyscraper.

Named Space, the tower designed by German architectural firm, Ingenhoven, will stand at 138 metres and have 30 storeys with a further four basement levels presumably for parking.

Elliptical in shape the tower features the double skinned fa├žade which will have a pinkish tinge to it but still allow the tower to be completely see-through - another first for the Aussies.

Between the skins there will be blinds which can be opened and closed depending on the angle of the sun. A large atrium also features which will not only provide a naturally ventilated area but also creates convection based cooling systems that will reduce the need for air conditioning.

Two banks of elevators will flank the atrium each with four great glass elevators, visuals definitely being the order of the day in this design, at ground level there will be cafes and restaurants along with child care facilities.

The tower will be have identical footplates 1,600 square metres in size giving a total space of 42,000 sqm. They are designed in such a way that most of the offices the tower will house will face north and offices workers will have good views of the harbour and cityscape below.

The tower will have a lot of environmentally cuddly features which should please newly elected President and environmentalist Kevin Judd, including black water recycling, solar panelling and secure bike parking to encourage ditching the car to come to work in.

Work on the tower is due to be completed in 2011 and owners of the tower will be hoping to woo leading world financial companies along with legal eagles to be its tenants.



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