Controversial Melbourne Tower Goes To Appeal

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Controversial Melbourne Tower Goes To Appeal

Post  Mr007 on Tue Dec 07, 2010 3:03 pm

Controversial Melbourne Tower Goes To Appeal

A controversial new skyscraper proposed for the Australian city of Melbourne is to go to appeal after the local planning authorities initially turned it down.

To be located at 276 Russell Street, it will occupy a tight site of only 383 square metres in size, and house a total of 154 apartments along with 4 floors of office space and the all important ground floor retail making it akin to the Tardis of skyscrapers.

Despite its square footprint, the tower has many interesting visual features such as its glazed facades, open-air gardens and glazed terraces that jut out from the building in a triangular manner at various points giving triple aspect views to single aspect apartments.

Adding to this is a complex floor layout that steps back behind the structural columns for four floors, and then has two full plate levels before this pattern is repeated again but from a different side of the building creating a series of terraces for the residents to enjoy, whilst maintaining the sort of structural stability you'd aim for to win at Jenga.

The design comes from Melbourne based architects CK Designworks, and if eventually given the go-ahead will stand 119 metres tall. Even this modest height however has proven to much for the powers that be, and is one of the main reasons cited for refusing the application.

Height isn't the only thing they disliked about the design though, and reasons given for its refusal also include the lack of setbacks detracting from surrounding street, unacceptable wind downdrafts hitting the pedestrian realm, and an adverse impact on the development potential of adjoining land that its neighbours fear it would dominate and reduce in value.

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