Perforated Garden Tower Planned In Melbourne

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Perforated Garden Tower Planned In Melbourne

Post  Mr007 on Tue Dec 07, 2010 2:50 pm

Perforated Garden Tower Planned In Melbourne

Proposals have been put forward for a new tower to occupy 58 Clarke Street on Melbourne's Southbank.

Designed by one of Australia's most renowned architectural firms Rothe Lowman Architects, the tower will stand at a fairly respectable 36 floors and 106 metres in height if given the go ahead - enough to make a bump on the skyline

The design of the tower is intended to be a visual representation of the sound waves generated by the nearby freeway although this is perhaps not a huge selling point for most projects. Here though potential buyers of the apartments which the tower will house can be reassured the design also filters exterior noise.

Simple in design, the tower is saved from boxish banality with gentle sloping on the lower part of the tower, while the facades, which are a mixture of glazing and meta, are perforated in places lending texture to the project. The main selling point of the project will be its unique system of sky gardens that punctuate the street facing side of the tower.

Each of these spans three levels in height and will come with built in furniture and of course, plenty of greenery. Access to the garden is limited to the apartments sharing those three levels effectively creating micro communities within the tower.

This approach to communal space was chosen to over come the issue of noise, high winds and privacy that made the use of singular balconies impractical while still offering city views, something that most people expect when living in a skyscraper.

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