Rail Air Rights Towers Planned For Birmingham

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Rail Air Rights Towers Planned For Birmingham

Post  Mr007 on Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:27 pm

Rail Air Rights Towers Planned For Birmingham

Sources close to the on-going New Street Station redevelopment saga speaking to Skyscrapernews have revealed that new designs of the station are also due to benefit from the relaxed view taken by the council and airport on skyscrapers.

Since its official release earlier this year, the proposals for the new Birmingham New Street Station, known as Gateway 2 have come under numerous attacks as too little too late, especially regarding capacity issues that failed to keep up with passenger growth, not to mention design.

According to Skyscrapernews sources, revised plans which are to be submitted to the city council next month are to include a number of changes, most notably, to two towers acting as a gateway to the city from the station.

The two towers, of unknown use, is thought to be a key part of the design. Not only would they make New Street Station a landmark location harking back to the grand entrances of Victorian Stations but it is also said to be crucial in providing financial stability for the scheme in the form of large pre-lets or land sales.

In order to create yet more space, the heights of the "unique" shaped towers is now thought to have been increased by another 10 floors increasing the final height of the twin buildings from 35 to 40 floors taking advantage of the air-rights the location provides. Depending on their use, these towers could range in height from anything from 130 to 180m. Whatever the final height, this would place the two gateway towers amongst the tallest in the city.

Whether or not this development is a direct result of Birmingham City Council openly scrapping the cities current high-rise policy, or of Birmingham International Airports willingness to discuss or negotiate with developers of tall buildings is impossible to determine. What can be said though is that this will further boost confidence in Birmingham's skyline.

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