New Oval Tower Planned For Brighton

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New Oval Tower Planned For Brighton

Post  Mr007 on Mon Dec 06, 2010 8:27 am

New Oval Tower Planned For Brighton

What is the funkiest proposal we've seen in a long time has been floated in Brighton on the site of Medina House in Hove.

Consisting of a collection of irregularly stacked oval floors, the Sirus Tower is the latest cool development to hit the town. The design features each oval rimmed with traditional white cladding and glass windows set back from it whilst the chaotic stacking effect actually has a rationality behind it of creating a series of outside areas for residents that are not ordered in the traditional regular formality of balconies that most designs employ.

Described by the local newspaper as 12 floors, it will actually be 16 which should take it to a little under 50 metres. The name comes not from some intergalactic star system but from the developer, Sirus Taghan, who owns the existing Medina House and has toyed with putting a tall building on the site for several years.

Previously plans came out for an 18 floor residential tower designed by Lomax Cassidy & Edwards but this didn't get far thanks to what Hove is like - hugely conservative and traditional. With the danger of stereotyping, you don't go to live in Hove if you're cool or gay, it's very much one of the wealthy retirement capitals of the U.K.

This time though things have changed and the King Alfred Development that has been slowly edging through planning bureaucracy is located nearby giving strength to the argument by other developers that the area is now suitable for taller buildings.

This nearby scheme has also had a part to play in the planning of the Sirus Tower, with the irregular profile similar to what the King Alfred towers show off making it complimentary.

Local residents haven't exactly been jumping with joy at the Sirus Tower design, not least because it is about as untraditional as they come giving Taghan a big challenge to get this scheme through planning but if he does manage it then when combined with the King Alfred development, Hove should really be something different. Along with Brighton, it's certainly one of the most "happening" skyscraper towns in the U.K.

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